Typical Sicilian products

Sicily is full of many typical products: the fruit of the season in which the climate gives unique flavors (ripe least one month before the other parts of Italy), the processed products of cooking, wine, marsala to the famous famous Sicilian sweets in the world.

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Sicily offers many varieties of fruits, both fresh and dried, of great value, thanks to its climate and volcanic soil, a unique flavor.

Sicilian meat

The fresh meat products from cows, sheep, goat and pork reared according to traditional methods and typical of Sicily. They are products that the specific conditions of the herd and feed gives a stronger color, compactness and greater flavor in addition to the stronger flavor resulting from the aromas present in the forage.

Sicilian cheese

The cheese has ancient origins in Sicily. There are many varieties, mixed with cow's milk cheese or goat's milk and is produced in Sicily. With specific products and excellent local, such as, canestrato Nebrodi, the Ragusan, the Mallorcan ... etc

Vegetables Sicily

Siciliano climate allows production of firstfruits even in the open field. Just think of the potatoes grown under the lemon trees; tomato that made famous Pachino and Vittoria. There are several excellence in this field at 0 km.

Street food

There are many street food specialties. Plenty of food ready for consumption in bars, hot tables, sandwich, in village festivals. Just think of the chickpeas fritters, u pani cà meusa in Palermo, the sphinxes with anchovies or cottage cheese, Sicilian with tuma and anchovies, arancini to innumerable tastes, scacciate ... etc

Fresh fish and transformed

The sea has always been a source of subsistence in Sicily. It 'an island can not be otherwise. Despite the decline of the fish, the fish remains a primary resource. In addition to fresh fish, there is a thriving industry of the famous world transformation. Just think of salted anchovies of Sciacca and Bagheria, the bottarga of tuna Trapani, the Smoked Swordfish etc

Extra virgin olive oil

There are many traditional areas of olive oil production. In addition to the different areas of Etna, the mountains Iblei, Mazara del Vallo, the Valdemone, Belice, the Tyrrhenian hill, etc. Each with its own characteristics of their area. But always a nice green color with golden highlights and a nice smell of olives.


In a nature rich as that of Sicily you can not miss the production of a good honey. Great to Zagara which is the flower of the plant of Orange and Lemon, to the mountain as typical of Zafferana honey and aromatic plants Solarino at the foot of the mountains Iblei.

The products of pastry and sweets Sicilians

The Sicilian sweets are very popular. Pastry production is rich in variety and flavors. products known around the world as the Cannoli, Cassata Siciliana, the Almond Paste, Modica chocolate, etc, are complemented by products less known abroad but who have nothing to envy for its taste and flavor:

Summer queens: Granita and soda water with lemon and salt

The next morning at breakfast a slush flavor you want (almond, lemon, coffee, peach, mulberry, etc) and a hot brioche. Then before returning to home or in the afternoon, we quenches his thirst at the kiosk with a soda water with lemon juice and a teaspoon of salt. Now that's living.


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