Customs and traditions of the Sicilians


The richness of his history and the meeting of different cultures has created in Sicily in traditions that have led to a rich and evocative folklore. It 'difficult to list all of the nuances and the occasions on which it is evidenced that the above folklore, let's name a few:

  • The Sicilian cart, used to carry everything before the motor mechanization, also richly decorated with the exploits told by puppeteers.
  • The Opera dei Pupi; puppets decorated in wood, representing the French Paladins of Charlemagne's time. The puppeteers were and are real shows with intriguing stories of brave knights and difficult loves.
  • The Bagpipers accompanying the novenas of Christmas.
  • The different traditional costumes of the various parts of the island.
  • The novenas of Christmas chants.
  • The living nativity scenes and of artesanía.
  • The proverbs that advise lifestyle.
  • The food at parties and celebrations.
  • Religious feasts of the patron saints of mixed music and fireworks with much audience participation from neighboring countries.
  • The feast of St. Agatha in Catania with the involvement of the various districts of the city and the various professions.
  • The feast of Santa Rosalia in Palermo.
  • The feast of Saint Lucia in Syracuse.
  • The feast of the Annunciation in Trapani.
  • The dance of the devils in Prizzi.
  • The Easter processions of Good Friday and the various representations in all parts of the island.
  • The procession on Good Friday of Enna, Caltanissetta and Trapani.
  • The altars or votive shrines scattered in the countryside and in the city streets.
  • The Carnival of Acireale, Francavilla di Sicilia, Sciacca and Misterbianco.
  • The village festivals that involve local products from swordfish to wine.
  • The local markets derived from the Arabic tradition and enriched by the charm of the place.
  • The street food
  • ...



Sicilian cart

The Sicilian cart is half a horse pulling a combined freight transport, in use all over Sicily from the nineteenth century until the second half of the twentieth century, when it became obsolete due to the increasing motorization of work in the countryside. Built with different qualities of wood, often adorned by peaceful carvings and brightly painted decorations, nowadays it has become the subject of crafts, as well as one of the iconography Sicilian folk symbols

Opera dei pupi Siciliani

The Opera dei Pupi is a type of marionette theater, very popular in Sicily, whose protagonists are Charlemagne and his paladins. The work is typical of the Sicilian tradition of cuntastori (not to be confused with the "storytellers" recounted news reports) that tell the adventures of these characters as in the poems of the history of the Paladins of France

Easter Week in Sicily

Easter is an event deeply felt in Sicilia.I Holy Week rites are the set of religious events organized in different countries and cities of Sicily by the various parishes of the diocese and above all of the local confraternities.

Feast of St. Agatha - Catania

From 3 to 5 February, Catania dedicated to Saint a great celebration, mix of faith and folklore. According to tradition, at the news of the return of the relics of the Saint in 1126, the bishop went out in procession through the city walk barefoot with his clothes from the night, followed by the clergy, the nobles and the popolo.È considered among the three major Catholic holidays worldwide for affluence.

The Carnival of Acireale

The Carnival of Acireale, called The most beautiful Carnival in Sicily and the third of Italy, is one of the oldest of the island, and is held annually in the city of Acireale in the province of Catania.