Etna myths and legends populair

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Martirio di Sant'Agata Martirio di Sant'Agata painting by Sebastiano del Piombo

Etna myths and legends populair 

The greek-Roman culture has produced countless legends and myths about the strange mountain belching fire and flames.Fatalism is fused with faith, superstition, myth and legend.  About the god Aeolus, the king of the winds, was said to have imprisoned the winds of the world inside the caves and grottoes of Etna. 

According to the poet Aeschylus, the giant Typhon (also called Typhon), son of Gaia (Earth) and Tartarus, was defeated by Zeus in Sicily, where Zeus crushed hurling Etna. Starting right from that day on Mount erutterebbe fire, for all hurled lightning.

  Another giant, Enceladus, rebelled against the gods, was killed and burned nell'Etna.

Of Hephaestus or Vulcan, god of fire and metallurgy and blacksmith of the gods, was said to have had his forge under Etna and that he had tamed the fire demon Adranos and to have him driven out of the mountain, while the Cyclops will held forging workshop which produced the arrows used as weapons of Zeus.

As often it happens volcanoes or areas with volcanic activity are related with the mysterious world dell'oltretomb 

It was assumed that the "world of the dead" greek, Tartarus, was situated under Mount Etna.

 Even Sant'Agata, Patron and Protector venerated of Catania, located link in a legend of the volcano. It is said that, after his martyrdom, when Mount Etna erupted in 252, the people of Catania took the veil of the Holy, remained untouched by the flames of his martyrdom, and called upon his help. It is said that as a result of what the eruption ended, while the veil became blood red, and that for this reason, even today, the devotees invoke his name against fire and lightning.

  King Arthur would lie, according to legend, in a castle on Mount Etna, whose hidden entrance would be one of the many mysterious caves that dot.

  The legendary king of the Saxons also appears in a legend, one of the bishop's horse, narrated by Gervase of Tilbury. Depending on an English legend, the soul of Queen Elizabeth of England now resides nell'Etna, due to a pact she made with the devil in exchange for his help to govern the kingdom


Etna legends


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