Etna countries


The area of the countries Etnea is geographically bounded by the river Alcantara north and divides it by the Peloritani and Nebrodi in the province of Messina. To the west and south Simeto river marks the border with dell'ennese heights. In the valley of the Simeto flowing in the Catania plain separates the area of the countries Etnea from ibleo mountain system. Finally, to the east the area is bordered by the Ionian coast. The total area of the considered area is about 1,500 km².
The municipalities belonging to this area are characterized by an old town with churches, cathedrals and ancient buildings in lava stone. Summer are many festivals with gastronomic specialties. As with other parts of Sicily are countless places not to miss or see.
We enumerate some places to visit, not to take anything away not only mentioned for reasons of space.



Catania is located on the east coast, at the foot of Mount Etna about halfway between the cities of Messina and Syracuse overlooking the Ionian Sea with the gulf that bears its nome.Il territory is strictly flat in the south and south-east , and mountainous north to the presence of Etna.

Acireale and the Riviera of the Cyclops

Acireale set halfway up the Sicilian Ionic coast. Acireale is known for its carnival, for the Baroque and, until a few years ago for its thermal baths. Near Etna, it includes in its territory a number of fishing villages with small harbor, including Santa Maria la Scala and Capo Mulini.

Zafferana the town of honey

Zafferana is located at 574 m. s.l.m., on the eastern slopes of Etna, extends up to the summit of the volcano summit, including on its territory landscapes of priceless natural beauty, from thick forests to expanses of lava desert. Placed in a charming location for lovers of tranquility and nature. It is located halfway between the sea and the mountains.


The town is located on the slopes of Etna, 675 meters above sea level, to the northwest of the city of Catania, on a slab of magma which overhangs the valley of Simeto less than 4 km as the crow flies from the river . Despite the altitude and the relatively cold climate, Biancavilla stands out, along with the nearby Adrano to be very lively mountain centers. Albanian foundation.

The Port of Etna - Riposto

Riposto is a charming town at the feet. It 'a town of 14,932 inhabitants in the province of Catania. It is located on the Ionian Sea on the coast from Catania to Messina, and is one of the most characteristic sea countries of the Ionian-Etna area

Castiglione di Sicilia

Castiglione di Sicilia (Castigghiuni in Sicilian) is a town of 3,259 inhabitants in the metropolitan city of Catania in Sicily. The town is part of the circuit of the most beautiful towns in Italy, the territory of the municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia was declared of "significant public importance" - D.R. June 21, 1994.


Purely medieval origin, lies, however, in an area where they met the most diverse civilizations: Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Jews, Arabs, Normans, Aragonese and left high documentary value and artistic traces in it. The origins of its name are still a mystery tied to its foundation. The ancient walls and the remains of a bath which still remain in Randazzo, attest that here was a center of habitation since the time of the Romans in Sicily