Since 2013 UNESCO has included Etna in the world heritage of humanity, calling it one of the "most emblematic and active volcanoes in the world". It has been written for about 2,700 years and this represents "one of the most well-documented world records in the field of volcanoes", "The craters, the ashes, the lava flows the lava caves and the depression of the Bove valley, make the mountain Etna is a privileged destination for research and education "continuing to play an important role, capable of influencing" volcanology, geophysics and other disciplines of earth science ". "Its fame, its scientific importance, its cultural and pedagogical values ​​are - concludes UNESCO - of global importance".


Etna the most fascinating of the volcanoes

Etna is the highest, the most active, the most fascinating of volcanoes in Europe. From its summit, at 3,350 meters, you can admire the blue of the sea below, the fire and the smoke from the crater touch the sky and, for much of the year, the snow-capped peaks. Probably its origin is due to submarine eruptions that occurred about 500,000 years ago. Over a period of 150,000 years it has formed the great volcano that still exists today, despite the constant transformations over time. The volcanic activity is due to the fact that Sicily is located at the meeting point and a collision between two continents: Africa and Europe.
The best way to admire it from above with a helicopter fly over. But you can also find out from the bottom starting from Rifugio Sapienza, then climbing by cable car, a jeep or on foot. At the top of the show is almost moon: there are no trees, only sand and gray igneous rocks, on which the eye loses accompanied by the rumble of the volcano.

The greek poet Pindar was among the first to describe an eruption:
"Out of the depths of the mountain gush the purest sources of fire that you can not see."

In the eighteenth century there were sixteen large eruptions. In the nineteenth, nineteen. More recent ones is impossible to count: suddenly the sky becomes fiery, often raining black sand and ashes, everything changes color. From the mouth of the volcano down a bright red strip, the hot lava reaches the Valle del Bove and often also Catania, which has left traces in the houses, the harbor and in the gardens. Since 2013 UNESCO has entered the Etna in the world heritage defining it as one of the volcanoes' most emblematic and active in the world ". He has written about 2,700 years and represents "one of the most world records documented in the field of the volcanoes", "The craters, the ashes, the lava flows of lava caves and depression of the Valle del Bove, make the mountain Etna a prime destination for research and education "continuing to play an important role, able to influence" the volcanology, geophysics and other earth science disciplines ". "His reputation, its scientific importance, its cultural and educational values - said the Unesco - of global importance."

The access routes to the "craters" are two:

- North Etna - the city of Linguaglossa up to Provenzano plan. Or by Fornazzo take the route "Mare neve" up to plan Provenzano
- South Etna from Nicolosi to "Rifugio Sapienza".

from here continue by cable car or off-road buses up to 3000 meters. It 'a unique experience hard to forget. Remember to bring jackets and vests, even if it's the middle of summer. On Etna both on the north side and south side, in winter, they practice snow skiing on prepared slopes.


Etna to discover

The volcano has a complex geological structure generated within the earth's crust by the upwelling of molten rock.

What is a volcano

Volcanic activity in Etna began in relatively recent geological epochs, between 700,000 and 500,000 years ago.

How did the Etna

Mappa del Territorio Etneo

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